What Size Horse do you Need?

In my opinion horses come in two sizes: too small and big enough. I’m 6′ tall and have long legs. I’ve never measured the horses that I currently own because they take up my leg and they feel right, but I’d guess that one is 16.1 and the other is about 16.2. In the past, I has a horse that was only about 15.3, but even he never felt too small. Both of mine are big enough without venturing into the “supersized” horse that requires custom tack, special shoes, and which is vulnerable to a host of size related soundness issues.

I’m sometimes amazed by the sheer size of the horses that some people ride. I have a friend who owns a draft cross that looks like it stepped out of a Budweiser commercial. He’s easily more than 18 hands. He certainly would not look out of place at a medieval joust and could easily carry a knight in a full suit of armor.

Now my friend — like me — is close to 6′ tall. All the horses she’s owned have been large. A previous horse was 19 hands, and it boggled my mind to imagine what type of mounting block (or ladder) you would need simply to get on him. At least I can understand why she likes larger horses. At times I’ve gone to shows (usually dressage shows) and seen tiny women riding huge horses. My first reaction has always been, save those horses for those of us who actually need them!

Large horses are definitely in demand these days. I’ve heard plenty of moderately sized people state with great assurance that they would never buy a horse that stands less than 16.2 and that they prefer horses over 17 hands! In fact, sellers commiserate when they have horses a mere 15.2 as the market for them is so much smaller.

So how large a horse do you actually need? I came across an equation on the Internet that is supposed to help you calculate, although it’s more related to rider weight than height.

  1. Add up the total weight of the horse, rider, and tack. Our example: Horse + rider + tack= 1188 pounds
  2. Measure the circumference of the cannon bone midway between the knee and fetlock. Our example: 7.5 inches
  3. Divide the total weight by the circumference. Our example: 1188 / 7.5 = 158.4
  4. Divide the result by two. Our example: 158.4 / 2 = 79.2

Values below 75 are great! Values from 75-80 are acceptable. Values over 80 indicate weaker legs and a need to train carefully, especially downhill. At this level a rider needs a horse with more substance.

I’m not sure that I would bother with the calculation, although I believe it makes sense that a horse with more “bone” is capable of carrying more weight. In my experience, I’ve found that rather than height, it’s the build of the horse that makes the difference. A horse with a large barrel and well sprung ribs can take up your leg better than a taller, narrow built horse.

I prefer a horse that’s built with a reasonably long neck and a good sized shoulder — since my torso is long, it helps me balance better. Generally, I like a horse with a slightly long back for the same reason. However, those rules are made to be broken. My OTTB is quite short coupled and I have to be very careful to keep my upper body still as he is very sensitive to shifts in weight. He may not be very big or long, but I love the fact that he’s nimble as a cat and thinks he’s just a bigger horse than he measures.

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  1. i am new into the horse system and i was wondering what type of horse would be the calmest for beginners…i want a tall horse…im 6′ 3” and bout 2 hundred pounds…
    any help would be nice

      1. @ blaine N
        A horse like a Dutch Warmblood or Irish Draft X would work! My Friend has a Dutch who is 18.2. He is very expensive because he is a fully trained Jumper from the Netherlands, but you could use DreamHorse.com or Equine.com to find the perfect horse for you!

      2. Hi guys im ten years and getting a horse in about 2 years.Im a little small for my age and I am about 54 inches now.Please respond guys.Thanks !:]

      3. Hay I was wondering if you can help me I’m just under 6ft and I’m about 125 on a measuring scale what sort of horse should I be look to get

    1. I would do a Arabian or Tennessee Walker. Both of them tend to be really calm sometimes will get a more spooky Arabian though.

  2. i am 12 and ,i want a horse i’m about 5`2” and bout 5 and 1/2 stone ,what size horse shall i get ?

      1. im 14 and im 4’8″ and way 120 pounds so what horse should i get, and what size?

    1. Well i was unsure what height horse i should ride im 5’2″ and about seven stone and alright riding a 15hh horse to 17hh horse will be fine but ask a equestrian center which is best cuz there more experienced hope that helped xxx good luck

  3. The formular that you used is the same one I was taught when I first started riding however after all these years I guess you kind of get a sixth sense about these things.

  4. I’m thinking about getting back into horses and was wondering what horse would be best for me, i like casual riding like hacks act and when i get better maybe entering Shows.
    I love stocky horse, but don’t know what breed or size is the best to suit me as im 6 stone and 5ft 2 can you help?

    1. I think that anyone over 5ft should look for a horse over 15 hands.
      To find a good height for a horse follow this:
      -Multiply the hieght of the rider by 3!!!
      I am 5’2″
      5’2″ times 3: 16.2 HH horse is a good height for me at the most. I ride all different height horses (I ride my trainer’s horses) but this is the way my aunt taught me!

      1. Im 5’8 so that means i need a 18h horse. i ride a 16.1h gelding and i have been told by a proffesional trainer i fit him fine.

      2. Well, hardly anyone needs an 18h horse. I’m 5’11” and feel very comfortable on a horse that’s 16.1-16.3″ provided they have a well sprung rib cage and are large bodied. Horses that are really big often end up with soundness issues, so from my perspective, you should buy a horse that’s big enough, but not huge.

  5. hiya, im buyin a horse that stands 16.2 hh, he weighs 1000 lbs and very muscly, now i know my weight is absolutly fine on him, but my friends wants to ride once a week and our only concern is if the horse could carry him, hes 6’4″ and weighs around 20 stone.

    any feedback please. many thanks.

    carmel. x

    1. By my calculations, 20 stone is about 280 lbs. That’s quite a bit for a horse that weighs only 1,000 lbs but you might find that your horse actually weighs more along the lines of 1200 (my 16.1 h TB weighs about that and he’s not fat).

      I guess it depends on what your friend wants to do while he rides (go for a light hack, w/t/c, long ride) and how accomplished he is. A heavy rider can have a light seat if he’s balanced and a light rider can flop around on a horse and hurt its back.

      If your friend is a decent rider and doesn’t want to do all that much your horse should be fine; but i wouldn’t recommend an intensive ride.

  6. I am transferring a field behind my house into a paddock with a stable etc, so i need to start looking for the right horse size for me now.

    It would need to be just right for me and my mum to ride it, i am about 5’4 and 8 1/2 stone and my mum is 5/2 and 11 stone. What size horse should i need? Also if anyone could help, I want to know what type of horse i should be looking at, i have been riding for over a year now and can easily walk, trot, canter. Haven’t jumped or galloped yet so what would be suitable for me?

    Cheers guys x

    1. breed doesnt matter but brokeness does. go for somthing easy going and maybe a little older. a horse somewhere in the 15s would be good my brother is 5’10 and rides a 14.3h mare but she id very stocky and thick. so i guess it depends. if you are comfortable and can kick in the right place its all good.

  7. Hi, I am about six foot and have long legs. I ride a 16 hand Thoroughbred thats the perfect size for me, but ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted a Gypsy Cob. Could a Cob (keeping in mind they average about 14 hands) carry my weight? If so, would I love silly on it?

    1. Depends on your weight they usually can take a lot as some are stocky but some can be almost middleweight! It really depends on your weight and the stocky-ness of the horse/pony!
      (i have one)

  8. I am looking for horses to buy, but i have been pondering on what hands i should get!

    I am about 9stone 10 pounds and 5’1 i do weigh alot but most of it is from muscle from dancing for 7years on my legs which i find helps me alot when im riding!

    I am only 11 1/2 so please help me i dont have any tack or anything for a horse so i cant do the calculations. At my horse riding school I ride a pony called Sunny and I have rode another Horse/Pony that is bigger than Sunny so I was wondering what you think?

    R.S.V.P – A.S.A.P – Any advice is greatly appreciated!


  9. hi, i am a australian stockman that works up north of queensland. i ride an australian stock horse “Billy” who is 15.3hh. he can hold my weight and hight easerly as i am 6.2 feet and 95 kg. the australian stock horse is a alsome horse which is a well temperd horse as well. they do require a bit of skill to ride but once you get the hang of it you can ride them almose any were and for long distences. i use a Cooper Custom (australian stock saddle) as i ofide them very comfatable. i ride just over 10 hours a day while mustering and they are the best saddle i have ever riden in my 26 years of stock riding.

  10. i am a 14 year old girl and i need to size out a horse, i do a lot of riding but dont have a clue about sizing up.. i am about 5 foot 4 inches and about 7 1/2 to 8 stone, could you help me out please? x

    1. At 5’4″ you can fit a smaller horse quite nicely. I’d look for one about 15 hands. The other thing to consider is how stocky the horse is (width of his barrel). Sometimes a horse is not that tall but feels bigger because of the way he’s built.

      Good luck!

  11. I am 12 years old I love horses i know everything about them and me and my family are looking to buy one for me. And we have been looking at this one horse in paticular and he is 12 hands tall and I am 140cm tall do you think he will be right for me ?? Please reply as soon as possible.

    1. 12hh is way too small for you in my opinion. My daughter is 153 cm and she rides a 14.3hh horse. My opinion for you is around 13.2hh – 14.2. hope this helps!!

    2. You are only going to grow so it depends on the parents height of your parents are above 5’5 than in the 14’s or15′

  12. I am 250 lb (to me shame) and 5’8”, I am looking at a 5yr old 4.3h Appaloosa mare with a little quarter horse in her breeding. Would she carry my weight?

    She is quite short coupled, with a nice broad rear quarter.
    (I have been out of the saddle for some years, and laid up – hence the my weight at the moment.)
    I know cattle horses are pretty robust, but would value advice.
    I would be grateful for a quick reply

    1. Many quarter horses and appaloosas are quite sturdy, even though they are not very tall. The variable factors here are:

      1) you say she is short coupled. A short-backed horse typically cannot wear a longer saddle because it will extend over the 12th rib where the horse’s weight carrying capacity is less. I’m not terribly familiar with Western saddles and how they distribute weight, but it is the case with English saddles.

      2) How “lightly” do you ride? A rider who is in control of his own body and who moves with the horse is easier for a horse to carry than a lighter rider who flops around and hits the seat hard.

      3) How broad is the horse. A horse with well sprung ribs will take up a lot more of your leg than a horse that is slab-sided.

  13. I’m about 5’9ish, 160lbs and looking seriously into an Appy who is 15.2hh.. what do you think of this match? would like to do lowish jumping, some xctry, ringwork and trails… his owner is about the same…but lighter πŸ™‚
    Would like some feedback please?

  14. Hiya,
    I am 13 years old (14 in May) and I am setting up a case to try and persuade my parents to let me share a horse. I have looked at it financially and we can afford it (it costs less than my riding lessons), before you say anything.
    I want to know what height would be good, to show I have it all planned out. I am 5ft 1 inch and weigh 112 pounds. I am quite leggy, but not too much. Keeping in mind I am growing, what height horse would be good? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      You are at height where you have a lot of flexibility on what you ride. Providing that you are sharing a horse, rather than buying one, I wouldn’t worry too much about outgrowing it. I’d look for a horse that’s maybe 15 hands or so, but also one that is broad through the rib cage so it takes up your leg.

  15. Hi. I
    m hoping to get a horse that is 15.3 hans and I’m 5 ft 1 in and weigh about 90 pounds (im 15 but im small for my age) would this horse be suitable? Thanks!

  16. I am 11years old and I am 4 foot 9 inches but still slowly growing. I have no idea how tall the horse at my riding stables is and she is the one I ride. I weigh about 6 stone to 6 stone 3 pounds. What would be the best size horse to get?
    Many thaks,

  17. hi,
    I am 13 and thinking of getting a horse i am about 5 foot 9 ish (talll) and i have long legs.
    What kind of size would a Welsh x trotter need to be for me please?
    Many Regards Carla xx

    1. Height of a horse is one thing to consider, but you should also keep in mind how wide a horse is. A horse with a larger barrel will take up more of your leg than one that is slab sided. For someone who is just 13 and already 5’9″ you probably will need a horse that is a minimum of 16 hands.

  18. I think weight is more of an issue rather than height i am 5’6″ and 7 1/2 stone and i own a 15.3hh thoroughbred yet i used to ride a 13.2hh. Horses can carry around 20% of their own body weight. Some horses for example icelandics can carry 33% of their body weight.

    1. Wow, 6″11 is tall! With that kind of height you will also need to take into consideration his weight and the length of his legs vs. his body. Many men have longer torsos so you might find that he doesn’t need a huge horse (maybe 16.2- 17.2) but one that has well sprung ribs and a relatively long back (to balance out his torso).

  19. Hi I’m just about to take up horse riding agin and I was wonder what size horse is suited for my hight/weight I am 145cm tall and I weigh 32kg

  20. I am 12 years old roughly 7.12st and just under 5ft i have been riding for 4 years what size and breed of horse/pony would i need

  21. Hi, I’m 16, currently have three horses I use for carriage driving, but have room for one more! – a riding horse.
    I am around 5,10 and slim. I prefer stocky builds.

    What height would be best for me?

    1. I would probably start around 16 hands and maybe go up to 16.2 or 16.3. If the horse has a large barrel then it will take up more of your leg than one with a slim, narrow build. Personally, I am nearly 6′ tall. My own horse is about 16.1 but takes up my leg nicely. Larger horses often come with soundness issues so I prefer to go with a horse that is “just big enough.”

  22. I’m 14, 5’5, and 130 lbs. I’m pretty sure I’m done growing. What size horse should I look for?

    1. At 5’5″ I’d probably start with a horse around 15 – 15’2″. If your legs are really long you might need a horse that’s closer to 16″.

  23. Help please =)
    I’m 18 and have been riding a while and am looking to buy my first horse.
    At my riding school the horse I prefer riding is 15hh.
    I’m only 5″2, but I’m around 11st.
    What height horse would be good for me?
    I don’t really want a heavy weight cob, as I’d like to get into jumping. =/

  24. Hello , help needed !! I’m 12 and 5 foot 8 and around 7-8 stone , I am looking at a 14.2hh welsh pony and wondering wether i would be too big for him ? I usually ride horses around 15.3 – 16hh but just this year I have had a 13.1hh new forest and I didn’t find that he struggled at all .. Do you think I should keep my options open and find a bigger horse ?

    1. It depends on a couple of things. At 12, you may still grow some more. At 5’8″, you are probably already close to being too tall for a pony that’s only 14.2 — not too tall to actually ride him, but you will start to look tall on him for competition. Is your height in your legs or in your torso? If your upper body is long, you might start to look large on him, however, if the pony is built with a wide barrel, and your legs are long, you might be fine.

  25. I am 12 years old roughly 7.12st and just under 5ft i have been riding for 4 years what size and breed of horse/pony would i need! please help i’m starting to get desperate to find out!!!!

  26. hi there, i was looking at getting my own horse next year, i am 11 years old and im currently riding at !!! do u think i should buy a 17.2 hh horse.
    BTW i am also 9 1/2 stone.
    thanks luke gough

    1. 17.2″ is a big horse and larger horses are prone to soundness issues. My philosophy is that you should buy a horse that is big enough for you but not too big. Unless you are very, very tall you probably do not need a horse that big. I’m almost 6′ tall and my horse is about 16.1.

  27. I’m around 5’10” at 14 years old(almost 15, and hopefully done growing) and weigh about 125 lbs on average. Most of my height is in my legs, and while I felt comfortable riding a 15 or so hand Arabian, I personally think I looked too big for her. I would like to eventually buy my own horse once I’m more experienced, but I don’t know exactly what breeds / sizes would look best for my frame. Also, I’ve been riding English pleasure but would like to advance to jumping/ eventing, and maybe dressage. Any suggestions?

  28. heya i have a 14.2 and im 1m59 and weigh 6annd half stone is he the right hieght for me as i dont want him to be unbalced if im to big for him

    1. You will probably need a horse that’s at minimum 16.1 or 16.2 — look for one with a large barrel to take up your leg.

  29. Hi,
    Im 11 and 5’3, and i weigh 7 1/2, 8 stones(I am skinny though its just muscle from doing track and field a lot). My mom is thinking about letting me get a horse and i wanted to know what size.

    1. At 5’3″, but probably still growing, you should probably look for a horse that is between 15’and 15.2 hands. Good luck!

      1. hi im 12 and looking at a horse I am almost 5feet (80lb all muscle) I do W/T/C 2 foot jumping and have jumped up to 4 feet, and am really leggy im leasing out an 8 year old Warmblood/TB at 16.2 and found out he is for sale a few weeks ago Should I consider buying him?

  30. hi i am 13 and i weigh 6 and a half to 7 stone and im 5 foot 1 i currently have a 14.2 jumping 1.20 -1.30 tracks do i need a bigger horse as i want him to be balenced and comfy going in to the jump recently he has been stopping could it be that im to big for him he is a connamara !!

  31. Well my problem is I am a RESPECTABLE 5` 1”.and im not sure how high the horse I choose needs to be. I used to have a horse that was fairly tall. He was probably at least 17 or 18 hands high and he was difficult for me to get on. Please help with any advice.

    1. At 5’1″ there’s no need for you to ride a horse that is so large! You would probably be just fine with a horse that is around 15 hands.

  32. I am 14 years old. I am 5’3 and 100 pounds exactly. Would I be ok riding english and sometimes western on a 13.2 hand welsh pony cross?

  33. Hi, i’m 18 and 10 stone. I’ve always ridden horses around the 15.1 area. I’m about to b uy my own for the first time and wonder if a 15.2 would be okay for me? I have loaned a 16.3 and ever since have loved bigger horses, but I’ve found a stunner that I love but don’t want to buy something i’m going be too big for πŸ™

  34. Hi,
    I am loaning a pony who is around 14.2hh, I am 21 and stand at 5ft/8stone. I haven’t grown in years so I know I am not changing. I know she is small but I am not very confident and she is the sweetest little tiny I have ever known.
    I love this pony so much but I am sometimes worried I am really to big for her? I don’t want to do her any harm and she isn’t very wide but I do feel comfortable on her as I am so short. A lady I ride with said she thinks I am fine for this pony, that she could comfortable hold 8 and half stone and I shouldn’t worry!
    Any advice would be grateful.

    1. I think the lady you ride with is right. You will not do her any harm and if you are comfortable on her and enjoy the ride, don’t feel you must get a larger horse. I fox hunt with a lady who rides a pony — can’t even be 14 hands. She has a blast and the pony keeps up great.

  35. Hello, I’m wondering if I’m too big for my pony. I’m 117lbs and am 5’8″, I’m a light weight rider and have quite long legs πŸ™‚ my pony however is 14.1-14.2hh and is a lightweight to medium weight cob build with not much feather. I’m guessing she is around 500kg and she is only rising 4 xx I’m wondering if anyone could help me out here, I may have to get a bigger horse otherwise?
    Thanks so much, Sophie

  36. hello
    i have never learnt how to ride a horse because of my size, now i am 6’4″ and weigh about 300lb, i am denfitally wanting to learn to riding and i would like to learn on my own horse.
    i would much appreciate if anyone knows what size horse/ breed i would require?
    money is no issue and i have my own stables which i built but currently use for other livestock, they measure 24′ by 16′ internally, now would this be a problem for the breed you are suggesting?

    please send me a reply soon.

    thank you

    1. Learning to ride on your own horse is not always the best idea because the horse that is ideal to learn on is not always the horse you want to ride later.

      I recommend finding a good lesson barn where they have large enough horses to accommodate you comfortably. You have to learn how to support your own weight and height and not interfere with your horse. If you can become a balanced and light rider, you will then be ready to buy your own horse.

      You might find that you need to buy your own saddle as many schools don’t have tack to accommodate people who are so much taller than the general lesson taker.

  37. I love my 15.3 hh horse he is so sweet he is called Bopp ! plz post any comments on good “girl” names for my new foal a little Paint Horse xxx :-p

    1. Wow, at 6’3″ you might find that a 15 hand horse is too small for you but if the horse is stocky, with a big barrel, then it might work.

  38. I am about 6ft 1 bout 240 my horse is about the same height is me or about 2 inches taller what would be his height and does that suit me?

    1. I’m about 5 feet and 11 years old. I don’t like ponies(no offense anyone) and I am comfortable riding anywhere from 15.2 to 16 Hands. I guess it depends on what you’re comfortable with, but if you have longer legs, go with around 15 or 15.2. I don’t have a horse of my own, but to answer a question with a question, what size horse would I need

      1. At 5′ tall, you might feel more comfortable on a horse that’s around 15 hands. But what will really make a difference is the width of the horse’s barrel. A slab sided horse will feel smaller, a horse with a bigger barrel will feel bigger.

  39. I thought I might chime in…I like your recommendations to look at numerous factors including bone, width and conformation. I think it’s also good to consider the kind of riding one is going to do. I’m 5’6″ and prefer about 16hh give or take a few inches. Most of the competitive cow horses I know (quite beefy, lots of bone, good back to underbelly ratio), run in th e 15 hh range. One that I rode was nearly a foot shorter than my 16hh horse, but was so wide and well proportioned he ‘rode’ like a MUCH bigger horse. Great for a horse that needs to chase steers, not great for a hunter or dressage horse. I’ve also had the reverse be true. Recently riding a 17hh TB who feels much smaller than my 16hh guy. Quite narrow and short strided. Unsuitable for dressage or jumping, his great personality is going to make him a terrific trail horse for his rather short rider. Striking adults on small ponies, The only thing that doesn’t work IMO, is a horse so large that the rider, in correct position, can’t effectively use their lower leg to contain/direct/cue the horse. Interesting topic!

  40. Hi !!!! I’m 5,6 verging on 5,7 and weigh about 6 stone ! I often ride ponys ranging from 12 hands to 16 hands on any of the I look neither to big or small ! Smaller ponys tend to be stronger and I have even jumped about 2 foot with them ! They never struggle to carry me and I love riding them ! I’m 14 btw πŸ˜€

  41. I find that the horses wither should be at your eyeline, Im 15 and 5ft7 and a 16hh horse seems to fit me just fine πŸ™‚ my sister is 11 but she’s tall for her age, so she would probably fit a 15hh or 15.1 quite nicely. really though, its whatever your confortable on, personally i feel more confortable on bigger horses, though i’m light enough to ride the smaller ponies πŸ™‚ xoxo

  42. hi im 13 and i weigh 5 and a half stone and i am about 150 cm tall what size pony should o r

  43. hi i am 13 i weigh about 35 kg and i am about 150cm tall what size should i be looking for? i have long legs and have ridden quite big ponies in the past

  44. Hi! I am 14 yrs old and have been riding for 4 yrs. I am 5’2 and a 1/2 – 5’3 in height and probably won’t grow anymore (the doctor is pretty certain I’m done)! I am slim in built but have a long torso. About 110 – 115 lbs which translates to about 8 or so stone. I am fairly petite and usually have to wear shorter clothing because of this. I have ridden tons of different horses – from barely 11hh to a whopping 18hh percheron x tb who is built like a tank! My sis has a 14hh haflinger who is super sweet and really lovely to ride and be around. Perfect personality! He isn’t built like a tank but isn’t delicate/thin either! Feel comfortable on him and most people think he is a good size for me . . . but some people insist I go taller !! Ahh !! Don’t know what to do because I love ponies and they are my preference. Really would love a mount between 14hh and 15hh. So either a large pony or a small horse. What size is best for me?

    1. hey, my daughter is a 5’1 and she rides a 15hh horse, so for you I think you should do 15hh. thanks!

  45. Hi! I am 14 years and 5’7 and 125 ponds and I just got a nice OTTB thoroughbred mare who is 15.3 but is built nice. I am just scared I wont Fit her…Please Help!

    1. Your horse sounds like she will be a good size for you but keep in mind just your height/weight and your horse’s size aren’t enough information to guarantee fit. Some of it will depend on your proportions in relation to your horse’s. If she has a short back and you have a long torso you may feel “tippy”. If she is very narrow and your legs are very long, you may feel that it’s hard to keep your leg on her. If she feels “right” then don’t worry.

  46. I’m 14 years old and looking for a new horse. I’m 5’8, 120lbs and quite leggy. What size horse would be best?

    1. hey, I’d recommend 16hh and over, even a 15hh or over would probably also be fine if it’s the right horse. Thanks!

  47. Im 14,5’4 and about 9 stone. I Have a thoroughbred whos nearly 17 hands. Am I too heavy for him ?

    1. no, it’s a 17hh horse, and it’s a thoroughbred, it should be perfectly capable of holding you. My friend is your weight and she rides a 16.2hh thoroughbred. hope this helps!

  48. I prefer smaller horses; I’m 5’8 and around 120 pounds and I feel absolutely comfortable on a 14.2hh horse. Whether the horse could carry my weight or not is a mystery, however I just prefer them to be smaller – I feel like I have more control with them.

  49. I’m 5.2″ and 7 stone and looking at a 16.1 hand horse. Is that a good size for me?

    1. You certainly won’t be too large for him :). Some 16.1 hand horses ride “bigger” than others, depending on the size of their barrel. If you don’t feel too small, you should be fine.

  50. i am ten years old and 4′ 8″ What size of horse should I get? I ride once a week and have a barn where other riders could ride the horse or pony regularly. So I am confident on everything else but the size of pony I should get. Please HELP ANYBODY!

  51. I’m 5.8 feet tall and weigh 16 stone.. what sort of horse would be suitable for me? I do realise I’m overweight…
    I’m wanted to ride a Lusitano which is around 15.4… i have been told they’re strong but I’m still not sure if it would be about to carry me?
    Any answers will be helpful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. A lot depends on how lightly you ride . . . if you are able to control your own balance and your own body, you can ride pretty “lightly” even at 16 stone. I’ve seen plenty of very thin people who flopped around on a horse’s back and actually bothered the horse more. However, some of the Iberian breeds are very short-backed and as a larger rider, you will need a larger saddle. You can’t put a large saddle on a short-backed horse because the back of the saddle will protrude beyond the last rib onto a part of the back that is weaker because there is no structural support.

      So a Lusitano might not be the best choice for you. Consider a longer-backed breed and make sure that you are as fit as you can be so that you can ride strong in the saddle and stay out of your horse’s way.

  52. Hi I’m a 13 year old girl that weighs a bit over 40kgs & I’m a confident beginner. I was wondering what size horse would be the best for me.

    1. I also am like that, Please also reply to me. I am 13 and I am like medium height and more skinny then fat a bit over 40kg.

  53. I’m a 13 year old girl, I’m 5’2 and weigh about 40kg, I currently part loan a cob x and was just wondering if I ever wanted to buy one, what size I should be looking at. Keep in mind I’m growing and wouldn’t want to outgrow any horse/pony too quickly! (I’ve been riding since I was 4 so am quite experianced and do jump quite a bit.the ponybu currently ride is rather naughty too haha he bucks a lot)

    1. Hi Emily —

      At 13 you’ll probably grow for another year or two. You will certainly not be too large for your pony, especially if he has a large barrel to take up your leg. Ultimately you’ll probably do best on a horse that’s 15 to 15.2. Have fun!

  54. I am 5’5 and I weigh about 65kg/143.3 pounds. I have a 14.2 and a half hands galloway. Is he to small for me? I don’t feel like it and look like it..
    Plus I have a 15hh brumby, is he to small?
    And a 16.3-17hh Thoroughbred, is he a good size?

    1. Hi Kim, at 5’5″ you are a good size for a lot of different horses! You probably fit just fine on a smaller horse especially if they have a big barrel that takes up your leg. Honestly, a 16.3 or 17 hand horse sounds like more than you need but some of the TBs are fairly narrow so they ride smaller.

    1. You’ll probably do fine on a horse that’s just bigger than a pony, maybe up to 15 hands. Just look for one that doesn’t have a very round barrel.

  55. Hi! I’m looking for a horse to buy and I was wondering if you can help me. =) I’m about 5.8 feet tall and I weigh about 62 kilos. I’m good in walk, trot, canter but haven’t tried jumping yet. Any advice?

    1. At 5’8″ you will find that you can likely ride horses from 15.2″ (if they have a large barrel) all the way up to 17 hands! I’d look around 16 hands with a medium build. Most horses can jump :), especially if you are looking at 3′ and under but if you’re just learning it would be better to start with a horse that is already confident over fences.

  56. lol you guys i am 5,2 and ride a 14 hand horse everyday i weigh 190 and he carry’s me just fine!

    1. At 6’4″ you are going to need a horse with a larger barrel and some height to take up your leg. I would suggest either a quarter horse cross or a draft cross. Most horses 16H and up should be able to carry your weight; you just need to feel comfortable on it.

    1. Hi Cara, You are small enough to ride a pony! I certainly think you wouldn’t want a horse that’s more than about 15 hands.

    1. Hi Faith,

      You are small enough and light enough to ride a smaller horse, maybe around 15 -15.2 hands?

  57. Hello, I’m 5’10 and not sure on my weight. I’m not petite or big but I am stocky. I’ve got a 14.2 sec d who carries me fine, he is just quite fine around his tummy area so doesn’t really take up my legs. I’ve found a wonderful horse who stands at around 15hh/15.1 with a slightly larger barrel, she’s also a section D. Do you think she will be okay ?

  58. Hello! I’m getting a horse in a year or two so what size do you think will be good for me? I’m 12 years old. I am short for my age, I’m about 4’11 but not done growing and 90 LB but not done growing. I am looking for a forever horse/pony! Thanks for the help!

  59. I have a question, my beloved boyfriend is 6.3 feet tall and weight 16.5 stones. What is the absolute minimum size of a horse for him to get. Is 15 HH to small or would that bee the absolute minimum?

  60. i’m 5ft0 and about 8 and half stone, I don’t want a pony and I would like a horse, I’m used to riding all different types of horses, the biggest being 17.1h so I can work with any but if I where to get my own horse what size would someone recommend.

    1. Well, it kind of depends on your conformation. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, you can ride a larger horse more comfortably. But given your size, you probably want to stay around 15 hands, unless the horse is quite narrow.

  61. I’m a 14 year old girl and I would like a horse. I weigh 60 kg (about 9 stone or 132 ib) i’,m around 5.7 feet or 169cm (and still growing) and my legs are fairly long. I have wanted a horse for a while and my friends have let me ride their horses but I’m still learning. What size and type of horse would be right for me?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  62. hey I’m 13 and looking at different horses for sale,
    I’d like a 15-16hh horse 17 at the most (I’ve got long legs) and I’m not sure what breed would suit?? so any ideas would be great!!!!
    thanks guys πŸ™‚

  63. Hello,
    Im almost 13 years old and looking for a horse. Right now im about 4″11 1/2 and 90 LB. The doctor thinks I’m going to grow to about 5″6 at tallest. What size horse should I look for?

  64. I’m 16 and 5’2 and I’m looking for a horse. I really need to know what size horse I should get. I’m not really worried about growing any taller since I’ve been done growing in height for a few years now.

  65. Hi,

    I’m having trouble with what size horse I plan to get. I’m really, really short ( 4″11 ) and I honestly don’t think I’ll grow any taller ( both of my parents are short as well ). The loan horse at the stables that I visit is around 14.3hh and I’ve always wanted a horse that was slightly larger. I’m really competitive and I would love to take up eventing but all the horses I see at shows are so flipping huge! I do dressage and show jumping ( mainly dressage ) and I would like to have a considerably large enough horse to withstand those jumps. I just know I’ll look silly on a horse 16hh + So what size horse should I get that will still be a good eventing horse?

    1. Hi Lucy,

      There have been some hugely successful eventing horses that are pint sized! Look at Marion Coakes’ Stroller who stood 14.1″ or Karen O’Connor’s Teddy (14.13/4″). I’m sure it’s daunting to come down to some of those huge fences on ponies, but there are some amazing jumpers out there. I’ve seen some pictures of kids foxhunting ponies in the UK that will take your breath away. However, there are plenty of competitive small horses out there. Mark Todd’s Charisma was 15.3″ (although Todd is so large that he made the horse look smaller) and I know plenty of people who are eventing horses around 15.1 or 15.2″ up through prelim with no issues. If you haven’t tried eventing yet, the important part is to find a horse that is brave over natural fences and clean and tidy with their legs. I would look for a horse around 15.2″ but would also look for a horse that is on the narrow side.

  66. Hi. I’m 5’8″ and 146lbs and mostly leg. I’m 15 so done growing. I’m looking at horses to buy with my mom and came across a 4 year old big barreled 15.3h horse. I usually would prefer a 16.1+ horse, but my mom said that it looked like I fit pretty well on her. She may grow an inch or two as the breeder says that her siblings and parents didn’t stop growing until they were 6. I consider myself to be a balanced rider and don’t land hard in the saddle, but I’m concerned that I may effect her back because of her young age. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. THX

  67. Hi, I am 14 years old and about 5 foot 6 1/2. I am looking into getting a trail horse, but do not know what size I should get. Any ideas?

  68. I think the height of what horse you ride should be determined by whether the horse can reasonably support your weight and if your calves come into good contact with their barrel, so you can clearly communicate your riding cues via leg pressure. I’ve tried riding a few horses besides my own, all of varying heights, but I’m no expert just trying to add another perspective.
    I’m a young adult, weigh 96 lbs, and stand 4’10” tall. My Quarter horse is right at 15 hh and I’m just able to get my foot in the stirrup from the ground…one inch higher and I’d be in trouble! πŸ™‚ I’ve had the chance to try riding my parents’ horses and two of my mom’s friend’s horses. They range in size from pony (13-something hh?) to light draft cross (about 16 hh?). I think I could ride them all comfortably, although that draft cross is too wide in the barrel for me, but that pony is the smallest I’d go because my calves were almost hanging too low to signal my cues clearly. Heck, when I wrapped my legs around the pony’s barrel, my heels nearly touched. My cousin’s in his late 20’s, weighs 220 lbs, and stands easily over 6 ft tall. He’s ridden my 15 hh horse and she listened to him okay, but I think because of his longer legs and heavier weight, 15 hh is the smallest horse size he’d want to ride. Whether you’re balanced in the saddle, how hard/heavy you sit in the saddle, and the horse’s fitness might make a difference too. I’ve heard that for every inch you slouch, it adds a certain amount of lbs to the horse’s load, so good balanced riding certainly can’t hurt. Don’t know if what discipline/sport you’re riding plays a part.

  69. Hi i am 13 and i am 4’9′ but i am still growing and i am at the moment looking at a 16.1hh- 16.2hh horse. Do you think that that is not to big for me?
    Thank you

    1. A 16.2 hand horse will be pretty big for you right now, but it really depends on the horse. If the horse is narrow, it won’t feel that large to you; but if the horse is wider, you may find it difficult to get your leg on him. Of course, if you find the perfect horse for you in all other regards, the size might not matter. However, all things being equal, if I were you I’d probably be looking for a horse more around 15H.

  70. My advice to everyone and tell me if you agree or disagree. If you are a kid who is still growing but can handle a full sized horse get one. i started riding a horse about 15.3 when i was 5 years old and it was fine. Buy a horse you can grow into rather than one that only fit you now. Also the heoght of the horse doesnt matter as much as the build of the horse. right now im 14 and 5’8 with long legs starting jumping on a 16.1 horse but i also jump on a 16.3-17 hand pecheron cross. i also have ridden 14.3 horses and was training a big mini pony 2 years ago. so as you can see size doesnt matter depending on what you do. also BREED DOESNT MATTER WHEN YOUR LOOKING FOR A HORSE!!!!

  71. hi, im 14 and 5’6 1/2 and i currently ride a 16.2 mare percheron X tb… but i have really long legs and my mom and siblings are all over 6ft tall. the mare i am riding i just fit her and i am looking to buy a horse that is at least 17hh- 18hh would that be too big? i am still growing and i want to be able to get a horse bigger than me so then i can grow into it rather than get a horse that fits me now and will not fit me in the future. what would you suggest as a good height for a horse for me???????????

  72. i also compete in hunter/jumpers and i need a large enough horse to be able to go 3’6ft+ what would be the ideal height?
    thanks a ton!!

    1. Keep in mind that very large horses (17-18’hands) are prone to more soundness issues than smaller horses and I’m not sure you need anything quite that big! I’m nearly 6′ tall and I feel quite comfortable on a horse that’s between 16.2 and 17 hands. In terms of competing at 3’6″ if you are showing hunters the length of the horse’s stride is the most important part so that he has the step for the lines. In jumpers, stride length isn’t as important. I think you’ll see that most of the competitive horses are in the 16.2 – 17 hand range.

  73. Hi! I’m considering loaning a 15.1 Arab mare. I weigh 120lbs, am 5″8 and normally ride anything between 15.2-16.2. Just not sure if she’ll take up my leg – because I am quite leggy. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks

    1. It really depends on the size of her barrel. Arabians often have “well sprung” ribs that can take up a lot of leg, so she might work just fine. On the flip side, I’ve ridden a few very slab sided horses that always felt too small, even though they were 16.2 or larger.

  74. Hi guys I’m 5 feet and have only ridden 15.2 to 16 hands. What is a good height for Me? I was thinking 15.2 or 15 at smallest, but what is your opinion?

  75. I for got to mention that I have longer legs and I am 11 years old. I am probably going to grow 2 or 3 more inches, perhaps even one more inch before I’m fully grown. Thats why I thought I would get a 15.2 or even 15.3 when I’m older. My friend is looking for a new horse and is about 5’5 or 5’4. She thinks she’ll grow to 5’11 or 6 feet. We both need new horses! (;

    1. Hi Elise — One thing you need to consider is that the horse that is right for you today, may not be the right horse for you when you’ve grown a few more inches and are older. I know that for me, the horse that was perfect when I came back to riding in my 20s, wasn’t capable of doing the things I wanted to pursue after I’d ridden him for a couple of years.

      You should buy the horse that fits your needs (and your height) now. Deal with tomorrow later.

      1. So would 15.2 be a good height for me? I mean, I can easily get on top of Paco, the horse I ride at my lessons. He’s got a wider barrel though, but my heels reach about an inch or so away from the bottom of his belly. I also ride Aspen, a big 16hands Trakehner. I think 15.2 hands would be good for me now and In the Future.

  76. Thing is, I don’t wanna buy a horse that’s too small or too big. If I were to go buy a 14.3 hands horse, I would grow out of it in a year. I grew 3 inches last year, and I’m in a growth spurt now.

  77. Hi, I’m about five feet and looking for a good sized horse. I read the blog above my text, and it sounds good. I have long legs and a shorter torso. I always thought if your head goes up to a horses withers, that’s a goo height for you. What would be a good height for me. I like 15.2 hand horses, but are they too big? Or are 15 hands to small. I’m only about 90 pounds, and I’m not keen on ponies. HELP!!!):

    1. Hi Elsie — I’ve never heard of the head-to-withers measurement! It’s probably a good starting point but not the only consideration. As you pointed out, human conformation is part of the equation. If you have relatively long legs and a shorter torso, you may need a horse that is taller than your overall size would indicate. However, I think that a horse between 15 hands and 15.2 would be fine. Keep in mind that a horse with a larger barrel will take up your leg better than one that is more slabsided.

      I am 5’11. My TB is probably 16.1 (I’ve never measured him). He looks a bit small for me from the ground but he rides like a bigger horse. My draft-x mare is about 16.2 but she’s larger bodied.

      In general, I prefer to ride a horse that is just big enough. I don’t feel any need to ride a huge horse.

  78. Hi again Liz. It’s Elise, and I just wanted to ask if 15.2 hands is too big for me. I mean, I visited a 15 hands mare the other day, and thought she was the right size. But when I saw my lesson horse again, well, you can imagine. ): I just want to find the perfect size horse. Would 15.2 be good if the horse had a smaller belly, or would 15. hands be good if the horse had a larger belly? I know not only the height matters, but I’m also a young rider. I know I’m gonna grow, but I don’t know what’s to big or too small. ):

  79. Also, aren’t your heels supposed to reach the horse’s belly so you can give them proper aids?

  80. Hi Elise,

    Mostly you aids come from your seat and your thighs. You may use your calves, too but your heels do not need to come down to the horse’s belly.

    A horse with a larger barrel will take up more of your leg, so in theory you could get a smaller horse. Within a certain range, you really just need to see how the horse feels when you ride it.

    Keep in mind that a horse you buy today might not suit you in a couple of years depending on your goals. Best to buy a horse that works for you now and not worry too much about how big a horse you’ll need when you stop growing.

  81. So between 15, 15.1, or 15.2, which would be best for me now? I can ride Paco, one of my riding instructor’s horses, and he is 15.2. I don’t think that would be too big, but I’d probably grow out of 15 hands in a year. So I guess my choices are 15.1 or 15.2? Which would be your preferance for me?

  82. Well maybe 15 hands if the horse was a good fit. I know I’m probably annoying you, but I need a professional’s input.

  83. 15.2 hands be perfect I think! (: Never mind, I just found a 15.2 hands horse for sale and my dad just bought it!!!!! (: THANKS!!!!!

  84. One more Question…
    My friend is getting a new horse and wants to ask some questions. She isn’t here right now, so I’ll probably get the questions to you by sometime tomorrow…

  85. Hi! im 11 years old and around 5′ 2 1/2 ” Im not going to grow much maybe 5′ 3″. I want to get a horse. how big is my question. any replies thank you

  86. Hi Grace! I Just bought a 15.1 hands horse and I’m 5 feet tall. I find that that is a good height for me because it’s not to tall and not too small. For you I would suggest either 15.2 maybe even 15.3 HH.

  87. Hi my name is Krista and I’m looking to buy a horse. I was thinking somewhere around either 15.1 or 15.2. Thing is If I decide to shoe my horse, will that change it’s height, and make it taller, I mean I don’t wanna get a 15.2 hands horse and then shoe it so it’s bigger, but I don’t know if 15.1 would be good): I ride a 16 hands horse and have ridden a 15.2 hands horse, but 16 hand sis way to big. So either 15.1 or 15.2 . PLEASE HELP

    1. Hi Krista — shoeing your horse will not significantly affect it’s height. That’s really only an issue when you are talking about ponies that measure just about 14.2 and people don’t want them to measure over.

      The deciding factor for a horse is partially based on height but also contingent upon the size of the horse’s barrel. Some smaller horses take up your leg just fine; other taller horses may be slab sided and feel smaller than they measure.

      My suggestion is that you look at horses within a range, say 15.2 to 16.0 hands and then see which horse you like to ride.

  88. But is 15.2 hands too big, I mean, I have ridden 15.2 hands before and I think it’s a good height, but how thick are hunter horseshoes? Besides, I really don’t want a too big horse… My friends said when I gave them the choice between the two to “Go with the smaller one.” One of my friends has some horses and said to go with 15.1 hands but, really, what is an honest to goodness height???

  89. Plus I’m only a beginner, and I don’t want a horse that is too much to handle, or too big. Plus, would I easily be able to get a leg up on a 15.2 hands horse???

  90. Hi Krista —

    If you are a beginner, you probably don’t want to buy a horse yet. The horse that you should ride today is generally not the same as the horse you will want in a couple of years.

    As I said before, height is only part of the equation. You should ride a number of horses that are different sizes within a specific range and see what you feel comfortable riding. Horse shoes are about 1/4 of an inch thick. That is not one of the factors that you should be concerned over.

    Start by riding a horse that’s around 15.1 hands and see how you feel.

  91. Hey Elise this is Liv from school! You didn’t tell me you got a new horse! CONGRATS!!!! What is his/her name? And what type of horse is he and what discipline does he do? like eventing or dressage?

    1. Oh, well it’s just a rental horse that lives at my uncle’s house, who’s two hours away, and only for a few weeks… I’ll talk to you later……

    2. Oh, yeah Hi liv!!! I just got sad news from my uncle… The horse I was planning to share with my uncle got sick and can’t safely make the trip up…. ):

      1. OMG that is sooo sad! My sibling’s horse got sick and we had to put her down yesterday *sniff Sniff* ): ): ): ):

      2. hi I have a current horse he is a 14.3hh arabian/connermerra I am 5 feet and 11 years old (80lb) my parents are around 6 feet what size will suit me i am sizing up because my horse has a really skiny barrel

  92. Would I be able to get a leg up on a horse so, well, tall, I mean for 15.2? I mean, without any help from an adult?

  93. Yes with a leg up if you don’t get a leg up you might strain the horses back. I am 5’2 and I have a 14.1 hand pony and I can’t get on her back without a mounting block or leg up. Mostly because I don’t want to try and hurt her because she is older

      1. Most of the time it is best to use a mounting block or get a leg up, because the weight put on one stirrup is hard on a horse’s back.
        However, it is inadvisable to buy a horse that you cannot mount from the ground in a pinch. That’s sign the horse is too big.

  94. Hi what would be a good height for me I was thinking about doing showjumping, but what is a good height to do showjumping. I am about 4’12 or 5 feet even, so what height should I be looking for. I want a horse that I can grow into a little, and not just a horse that’ll suit me only for a year or so. I’m only supposed to grow to 5’4 and you saw what I put for my height above. I’m thinking either 15.1, 15.2 HH at most. What would be your preferance?

      1. Hi Krista —

        Only you can know that :). How flexible are you? When I was a teen I had no problem mounting horses from the ground. Now that I’m older? Different story!

    1. I think you need to look at an individual horse and evaluate it based on its merits. Size is only one part of it but you should determine whether you are able to mount on your own. Most of the time there are mounting blocks available (or a handy log), but it is important to be able to mount from the ground in a pinch.

      Many people think the want a bigger horse than they actually need. Not sure why that’s a trend!

  95. Well,I think I’m flexible. I can do an almost split, and I run track, swim, bike, hike, and run cross country. Besides, I don’t think I wouldn’t be able to get on a 15.1 hands horse, considering I think I have strong legs.

  96. Buying a big horse is a waste of time, money, and space Lauren. I think that a 15.2 or 15.1 hands horse would be good for jumping….

    1. It is not a waste of time, money and space! But, buying a horse is expensive and it has to fit into your family’s budget. It’s often better to take lessons or lease a horse before buying one because often, the “first” horse you buy is not going to be the horse you want in three or four years. Taking lessons on a ‘schoolmaster’ horse can help you progress more quickly and help you understand what’s important for your long-term partnership.

      Please girls, stop focusing on the abstract 1 inch, Focus on finding a horse that has the temperament and ability that meets your needs. I know plenty of people who have 15 hand horses that jump big fences — and an equal number that have larger horses that have no jumping talent. It all depends on the horse.

      I hope all of you are working with trainers who can help you evaluate the horses that you are considering and keeping your long term interests in mind.

  97. Hi Lauren — it really depends on the horse. No one here can tell you what horse will work for YOUR needs. You need to ride different horses and hopefully work with a trainer to help you determine what is best for you. A 15.1

    1. So is 15.1 hands a good height, based on my riding level and height I’m Five Feet to refresh your memory…..

  98. I am looking for a good joint supplement for my horse and asking if you have a preference. My pony is 18 years old ( but still has a lot of spunk), she is stiff in her back legs, 14.1 hands, and we do eventing. I am also in Pony Club which my trainer has been giving me good muscle exercises.

    1. Most feed through supplements don’t have any test data behind them to show that they work. The two that I now have done testing are Cosequin ASU and Corta-Flx. There have also been some studies that show MSM is effective as an anti-inflammatory.

      Personally, I feed my older TB Corta-Flx liquid. It’s not hugely expensive and I think it works :).

      Lots of people prefer an IM injection like Pentosen or Adequan.

      1. hello im 19 and 6ft1 and the horse im buying is 17hh is that to tall he also has a large barrel

  99. Hi Olivia! Tell Aero I said hi! Also you might want to heck out this- http://www.purinamills.com. Yes I just looked that up, but they do have tons of horse supplements, you might also want to check out Blue Seal and the Maine Horse And Rider to see if they have anything(:

  100. Hi jenny I think a good size horse would be any thing under 15.2 and no higher than 17.2 hands maybe a draft breed. What are you planning in doing with the horse?

  101. Oops no I didn’t mean fried horse poo I was having a fight with my Husband and my daughter typed that. Anyway, what size horse would I need, I mean I am actually 5’6 and my name is Kayla.

  102. Hi I’m looking for a good sized horse. I am 5 feet tall and am quite leggy I’ve always ridden a wide variety of horses, the largest being 16 HH and smallest being 13.1 hands. I am looking to buy a horse of suitable size. A good size I could work with (Tacking up, grooming, riding e.c.t) without having to stretch a lot. I think my comfort range is between 14.3 and 15.1 hands, but I don’t have (neither do my parents) enough money to buy a horse for each height between 14.3-15.1 hands(;
    If you guys have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!

  103. Hi, my names Aileena and I’m 11 years old and I’ve been looking for a good horse for myself for about a year. So far I haven’t been successful. I’m 58 and 1/2 inches tall and I not quite sure what size of horse is good for me. I’m also having trouble finding a horse that is less expensive but a good breed for me. I live in the country near my grandpa who used to have horses himself so he’s got a nice stable for when my horse comes along. I live in Evansville, WI and have a ton of free time I would like to spend with a horse, but my Mom won’t allow me to get a horse that is under 7 years old so it’s a little trickier to find a good suitable horse now. lots of people in my family have horses or used too, so we are all experienced riders and carers. Please help, I need advice!

  104. Hello I’m almost fourteen and weigh 145 pounds. But I’m at a height of 6’0. I know I’m very tall but keep in mind I don’t think I’ll stop growing any time soon. And I just wanted to know what size horse I would prefer getting. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would sorta feeling for a 16 hand horse?

  105. Heya, I’m 18 and have been riding for a around 7 years…I’ve recently been looking into buying my own horse, I am unsure on what size/breed to look at..I have been thinking maybe 15.3hh?….I am 5 foot 6 and weigh around 12 stone, but I have long legs….Any advice on tack sizes etc as well would be very much appreciated. Thanks πŸ™‚

  106. Im 14 and 5 foot 3. I currently ride a 14hh connie but she is getting too small. When i was 11/12 (about 5 foot) i frequently rode 16.2hh, and a 12hh. What size horse should i get? I weigh about 8st 5. I prefer bigger horses to smaller but nothing massive otherwise i can’t reach to put a bridle on XD

    1. I’m also currently riding a 15.3hh TB and she feels ok, but too small on the stomach as she is leggy.

  107. hi im lily im about 5’2 feet and wheigh about 47kilos ive been riding for about a year now and i can canter and do some low jumps, ive been riding around 13h ponies to 15’2h horses and im looking to by a horse so what size would be right for me or is it too soon?

  108. hi i’m Hailey and i was wondering what size horse i should i get i’m 4.7 and weigh about 75 pounds and i’m ten

  109. I’m 15 almost 16 and I’m like 5’10 and broader built. What size horse do you think would be best for me?

  110. I’m 18, about 140 pounds and 5 ft 5. My favorite breeds are morgans and I read that they range from 14.1 hh to 15.2 on average. Would I be too big for one? They’re my dream horse so I just want to know if they’d be an appropriate size.

  111. Hello I’m 150lb and 5’3. I like horses that have thick necks and can carry me on their back with little problem. I have a 13.3 hand morgan quarter horse but I’m not sure if I’m too big for her. My friends Morgan horse is 14.3 hands and she’s fun to ride. Does anyone have any suggestions about what size horse would be good for me?

  112. Hello! I am looking for a horse that can fit me, I am 4’9 and I am 80 pounds. What horse could fit me appropriately?

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