Strap Keeps Treeless Saddles from Shifting While Mounting

One of the complaints that people have about treeless saddles is that it is difficult to mount from the ground without turning the saddle. I always do my best NOT to mount from the ground, even when using a treed saddle, as:

  1. My horses are big,
  2. I’m not as supple as I used to be so it’s hard to reach the stirrup with my left foot, and
  3. It puts stress on your horse’s withers and back.

On Yahoo’s Treeless Saddle Group there has been an ongoing discussion about portable stools — mounting aids that you then carry with you. Interesting idea, but not particularly relevant in New England where large rocks, stone walls, and stumps are everywhere.

They look pretty bulky to me.

Someone else posted a solution that’s pretty darn nifty (please visit the Treeless Saddle Group to read the whole thread where you can read more about this invention). Easy to use and easy to carry.

Folks, there is such an easy way to mount from the ground without
turning the saddle.

  1. Stand on the OFF or right side of your horse.
  2. Snap a round lead rope to a D ring on the right front of the saddle.
  3. Run the lead rope down toward the ground along side the girth,
    right behind the elbow.
  4. Pass the end of the rope behind the elbow then between the front legs so that it comes out at the horses chest.
  5. Run the end of the rope up the right shoulder and toss the end over the horses withers.
  6. Go to the left side to mount. Grab the horse’s mane and the lead rope in your left hand. Pull the slack out of the lead rope so it is snug.
  7. While holding the mane and the rope, MOUNT. Simple. It simply counterbalances the saddle just like if you had someone holding your outside stirrup.
  8. Drop the rope from your hand to the ground then pull it up from between the legs. Stow it. You can loop it around the horse’s neck or tie it to the saddle.


Mounting Strap Illustration

7 thoughts on “Strap Keeps Treeless Saddles from Shifting While Mounting

  1. The strap idea is good, but only works on a horse that has some withers. I have a NO withered (totally mutton-withered) mustang, and the strap does not work. I must use a treeless saddle for proper fit and it still spins. I am extremely short and must leap on with an upturned bucket or find a stump or have someone hold the off-side stirrup. I was really hoping it would work…I feel very stuck in the saddle.

  2. There used to be a mounting aid that used a loop around the off foreleg, went over the withers/back and had another loop for your foot. It was made as a mounting aid for bareback riding, but it should work on a saddled horse too. The website died after the California forest fires in 2002?

  3. That was called the bareback buddy….it was one of the greatest mounting aids I ever used. I wish I could find someone who wanted to sell theirs. I lost mine and really want another one.

  4. I have the same problem but multiplied a few times over by my age, weight, height. I manage a very active draft horse website and love riding and driving the drafty’s. Mounting an 18 hand draft is even worse. I’ve seen the mounting aids that are available and either they don’t work or I wouldn’t feel safe standing on them. It is for that reason I’ve developed a new prototype mounting system. It’s adjustable up to 20″, supports up to a 350 lb person, is stable in mud, sand, rocks, & most terrain, and is light, portable, and goes with you on the ride. Since this is in the final testing stage now we will be offering it to the public very soon. If anyone is interested in seeing a beta version or interested in testing please contact me via email or phone from Thanks.

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