Equine Sublime or Ridiculous?

I came across this photo recently that shows the meeting between the world’s largest horse, Radar, and the smallest horse, Thumbelina. Why they have a child holding a horse that could crush him under a single hoof is beyond me.

Smallest and Tallest horses

Radar, who is a Belgian Draft Horse, is 19.3 1/2 hands tall (6′ 7.5″) and weighs more than 2400 lbs. According to Preifert Ranch, which owns Radar, he eats 18 pounds of grain and 40 pounds of hay and drinks 20 gallons of water each day. Personally, I don’t think that’s very much hay for a horse that size.

Thumbelina is just 17 1/2″ tall and weighs just over 57 lbs. She is a dwarf miniature horse, but from some angles, she looks more like a pot-bellied pig.

While minis might not be what I consider beautiful, this one has done a lot of good. According to her owners, Kay and Paul Goessling, Thumbelina has raised thousands of dollars for charity and loves children. Certainly, I can’t see too many kids snuggling up to Radar!

8 thoughts on “Equine Sublime or Ridiculous?

  1. I have got to say that i saw this horse with my own eys!!!! OMG!!!! it was soooo cool. I swore it was a VERY small dog!! And i think that everyone sould be thankful that this horse is around to raise ALL that money for charities.

  2. I don’t think radar’s personality should be judged on his size – big cart horses are well known for being calm and gentle. The fact remains even a smallish horse (altho maybe not as little as thumbelina) could kill someone by kicking out. Radar is probably not mean.

  3. wow is this really the talliest horses in the world i don’t think so there is a taller horse i have seen with my own eyes

  4. My friend has a horse that is 4 years old, and 19hh. He was sticked last when he was 3, so we’re not sure how big he is now. I’ll be going out and measuring him…since i’m now super curious… lol

  5. when me and my friends had first seen this horse we were like “OMG” and the first word out of my friends mouth was “Would you ride that horse”, I said yes but my sister said no. Then my friend said “you would probably need 3 stools to get on the horse”, so then we started to think that it would be hard to be able to ride that horse because you would need to be super tall because if you were short it would not follow commands very well unless it was well trained to follow every command when you command it!!!! 🙂 LOL! 🙂

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