Horse Sculptures that Make You Look Twice

I’m saving my pennies for one of these sculptures. They are graceful and expressive and powerful . . . and they are made from driftwood.

Artist Heather Jansch has a lifelong passion for horses which has found a unique form of expression. Trained as a painter and sculptor, she started using driftwood in her sculptures when she ran out of the material that she had been using — wire — and saw a piece of wood in the shape of a horse’s torso.

Influenced by both Giacometti and Da Vinci, Jansch’s work now is uniquely her own. 

It’s hard to believe that something so extraordinary can result from pieces of driftwood. It takes a very special talent to see the potential in the raw wood, and then to fabricate it into pieces that are so alive. Some of Janesch’s horse sculptures are life size, others are in smaller scale; both sizes have a vibrancy that make them come to life.

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