I’ve Been Honored with a Thinking Blogger Award!

thinkingbloggerpf8I am very honored to have been nominated for a Thinking Blogger Award by Kim at Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch.
I’m flattered to that Kim likes my blog enough to send me this award, but I’m double flattered to receive it from her. I really enjoy reading Kim’s blog because she is one of the bloggers that I would have nominated had I known of this award.

For the past year I’ve been exploring how the power of touch brings therapeutic value to your horse. I’ve explored massage, acupressure, stretching and acupuncture and seen how these hands on treatments bring physical and psychological comfort to my horses. I’ve talked to vets about how holistic treatments can be combined with interventional treatments and I’ve tried to incorporate some therapeutic touch into my horse’s life every day.

I haven’t had very much time over the past few days to decide which blogs I would like to give the award to, but am giving it some thought and will post later in the week.

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