Queue Up that Horse DVD! Equine-related Rentals Now Available.

I own very few equine related DVDs. I simply am not willing to pony up the dollars for something I might watch once or twice.

Now, I don’t have to. There are (at least) two companies who are offering DVD rental programs akin to Netflix.

Horseflix offers three membership categories:

  • 1 DVD at a time costs $9.99/month.
  • 2 DVDs at a time costs $14.99/month
  • 3 DVDs at a time costs $19.99/month

You can keep the rentals for up to 21 days. Shipping is free both ways. Videos returned more than 7 days past the due date will be charged a replacement fee of $50 per individual video. If the video is part of a series, the replacement cost will be higher. The replacement fee will be refunded if the videos are returned.

BarnSweetBarnDVDs offers a similar service at a slightly higher price:

  • 1 DVD at a time costs $9.99/month.
  • 2 DVDs at a time costs $17.99/month
  • 3 DVDs at a time costs $25.99/month

There is no limit on how long you can keep the rentals (no late fees). Shipping is free both ways. BarnSweetBarnDVDs offers a 14 day trial period during which they will send you two DVDs.

Both services are enticing. I may start with the BarnSweetBarnDVDs to get the trial period (I’m a sucker for free!) and because I might want to keep a DVD more than 21 days. However, I’ll be browsing their titles list to see which service is a better fit.

7 thoughts on “Queue Up that Horse DVD! Equine-related Rentals Now Available.

  1. I know BarnSweetBarnDVD’s owner. She is honest, hard working and very customer oriented. The plan is good and she listens to her customers on what their needs are. I hear she may be expanding to include renting bits for trial as well as training aids for sale. what do we think?

    1. I think rental bits are a great idea. With many bits costing $100-plus it’s really nice to be able to try them first. I’ve used the Myler rental program in the past and usually ended up buying one after trying. I wish her luck!

  2. Actually, Netflix does have horse related dvds as well. Not a huge selection, but I just got one on building your own horse barn and was pretty neat. Too bad they don’t have any Clinton Anderson ones though!


  3. GiddyUpFlix is by far the best for renting horse DVDs. Best selection and best prices. I have tried all of them and am most please with their pricing and service!

  4. GiddyUpFlix is known for and has had numerous complaints for accusing customers of purpously damaging their disks and for not issuing refunds. I have heard this on many different equestrian chat sites. But personally, My trainer who is Parelli certified has her own experience with GiddyUpFlix personally as they accused her of breaking/damaging the DVD’s and said she owed them a crazy amount of like $300+ some odd dollars for a few DVD’s!! She said when she refused to pay they terminated her account just after billing her with no refund. Beware and check the BBB first!

    1. I have had no luck at all with giddy up horse flicks. They have no phone number and only return emails if they feel like it. Recently they sent me 2 dvds I never ordered. When I email them about it I receive no response. Some of the previous DVDs I have rented were scratched and would barely play. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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