Elmer Bandit Readies for 2009 Competitive Trail Season

I’ve been wondering recently what Marianna Wood and Elmer Bandit have planned for the 2009 competitive trail riding season. Last year they made headlines when they set a new lifetime record for competitive trail miles.

Elmer Bandit, now 38 years old, is getting ready for his first competitive trail ride for the season, according to an article in The Horse. The one-day ride will take place on April 25 in in Cherryvale, Kan.

Owner Maryanna Wood said that Elmer is competing in a shorter and slower division this year. She explained that Elmer likes to take two-hour naps in the afternoon which would make the Open Division more challenging.

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  1. Hello Elmer and Mary Anna, go Elmer, you are #1 in my book. Are you coming up to Indian Cave this Yr. I am back there again. ele

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