Courtney King-Dye continues to improve

I read this post today on the Chronicle of the Horse forum. I believe it comes from her husband. It is all good.

Wednesday May 5, 2010

Courtney’s overall progress continues at a slow and steady pace. Brain injuries take a long time to heal and vary from person to person, her progress to date is very encouraging to her Doctors and Therapists and of course her family, friends and supporters.

Her speech is improving and getting stronger but still needs much work which she gets daily.

Courtney’s memory is now back to almost 100% but was not so good when she was first emerging from her Coma. It started out spotty with the inability to recall random events, these have returned over the last few weeks.

Physically Courtney works hard every day with multiple sessions in the therapy gym to target specific weaknesses. The main focus right now is learning to walk and compensating for her weaker right side, she can walk assisted by therapists for limited distances, the time frame for when she will walk unassisted is dependent on her progress but she is determined to get there as soon as she can.

As I have said previously Courtney continues to amaze me with her strength of spirit and vigor in which she approaches anything that will improve her recovery. She has an attitude and outlook that makes it very easy to go through this with her.

I know you are all eagerly awaiting a post from Courtney and we are hoping that will be soon, the focus has been on therapy, rest and recovery and while Courtney has written a few brief emails in the last two weeks the concentration and effort to type with just her left pointer finger has been quite exhausting for her.

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