Thank you, Mary King

Mary King riding Apache Sauce had a fabulous dressage test . . . despite an error.

Thank you Mary King for showing us all how to recover when you forget your dressage test mid-stream. It happens to everyone, eventually. Just not usually at Burghley.

However, instead of making a big deal over it, you took your two point penalty, picked up where you left off and finished your test with aplomb. At the end of the first day, Mary King and Apache Sauce were in first place . . . despite the error.

It’s very easy to let a mistake in the middle of a test completely derail you . . . cause you to lose your focus and your cool. How refreshing to have a professional show us all how to recover, continue and succeed.

Mary King finished Burghley in 5th place on Apache Sauce and in 7th place on King’s Temptress.

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