Put a hat on that helmet

Hide a Helmet
It's hard to tell there's a helmet under that hat.

For those equestrians who don’t like the look of an approved helmet but still want to stay safe, here’s a nifty solution: hide a helmet covers that fit over a traditional helmet and give them the look of a hat.

Developed by Lavina Raville, a lifelong equestrian and CT Technician, the covers are available in fleece (shown to the left) and felt in a variety of colors. They can be customized as shown.

On her website, Raville says:

I really hope to encourage more people to wear helmets. And I’d like to encourage those who wear them sometimes to wear them every time.

Hide a Helmet in Action
From a distance, it's hard to tell she's wearing a helmet.

Many western or recreational riders do not wear helmets. Many who ride English only wear a helmet when jumping, taking a lesson, or at a show.

Some trainers only wear a helmet when getting on a young horse the first time, and some instructors don’t wear them at all.

In carriage driving it is traditional to wear fancy hats inĀ  pleasure show competitions and driven dressage.

I feel the Hide A Helmet is a good solution and allows the wearer to be safe and stylish at the same time.

I think they look pretty good and they’d be a stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes, too.

You can order your helmet cover and be fashionable for your spring rides, for $50 from the website.


7 thoughts on “Put a hat on that helmet

  1. I love this idea! Any thing to help all our rider friends wear helmets is worth a try. I currently ride Dressage so I don’t see myself using “Hide a Helmet.” But, I might order one anyway to help start the trend and use it in training! A red hat would certainly be noticed don’t you think?
    Plus, I would like to see the designer try and build a cowboy hat!! I have so many Western rider friends and they never wear helmets!
    I would buy a cowboy hat just for them and ride Dressage to show I care!
    Finally, good work and great job! Love the creativity put to good use!

  2. Thank you all for the compliments and helping to encourage others to wear helmets! I have updated my website and now offer a western version as well as the medium width and smaller brims.
    Be safe. Use your head & protect your head.


  3. Howdy- I am so looking for a hat to cover my helment when ridding at all, on the trail, or in the show- I am looking for a black show like hat to Cover my black helment. I am 19- never use to ware a helment, until October 3rd 2010 I was In a horse accident and remain Ed in a coma for 2 weeks 5 day- it was an accident and not the horses total falt- I am back to ridding every day- I don’t like looking weired with a halment on though with out my hat- ;( please help- cant wait to here back from you, thanks

    1. Good for you for deciding to wear a helmet. I’m assuming from your post that you must ride Western — most English riders no longer feel weird wearing a helmet but I suspect there’s still some peer pressure against wearing them in Western disciplines. I suggest you contact http://www.hideahelmet.com as she seems to have covers that work for several disciplines.

    2. Alex, I am sorry to hear of your accident, but glad you have recovered and are wearing a helmet. I have three styles of helmet covers: small brim for a bowler /English look, medium, and large brim for a western look. All of them will conform to the top of the helmet, and the brim is adjustable with wire and support within to shape as you wish.
      You may see lots of examples on my website Hideahelmet.com along with measuring and ordering instructions. I wish you the best in your recovery and riding!
      Latina Raville

  4. Is this great yellow hat available for ski helmets, too??
    My girlfriend and I would love to fit it over our ski helmets and be stylin’ on the slopes!!

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