What Not to Wear: Summer Riding Attire

Here’s a timely reminder from the Chronicle of the Horse on how NOT to dress while riding this summer!

Let me just add one of my own.

No flip flops (or other sandals) around horses. Believe me, I know how tempting it is. However, it’s also nice to have all your toes (not to mention how dirty your feet can get!0

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Even more interesting to read is the thread on the COTH forums! I was working all day and didn’t get a chance to read them until just now.

10 thoughts on “What Not to Wear: Summer Riding Attire

  1. For anyone looking for a cooler schooling tight, my favorites are the Kerrits pull-on tights with the *houndstooth* check. Their regular tights are just as sweaty as everything else. I don’t know if it’s the weave or the fabric of the houndstooth, but they are way more breathable than anything else I own. The design also helps hide a multitude of “I’m not 14” body issues!

  2. I’m with those on the COTH message boards who felt it was a snotty-toned article.

    I find large and overly baggy clothing can be quite dangerous… but the article seemed to just focus on them not being aesthetically pleasing. Personally, I tend to use my money toward savings for horse emergencies and horse pampering, rather than buying outfits to get stained/torn around horses. I am gradually buying all technical fabrics as I buy new things – I’ve tried them and the long-sleeved looks which are supposed to help, and much prefer the technical fabrics for personal comfort. However, much of what I wear is still freebies and other people’s discards. Aka: NOT PRETTY. But it functions. And if it’s too large, I won’t wear it around the horses, instead making it a nightgown or horse towel, depending on condition.

    At the same time – I highly admire the person I know who is always color coordinated, washes saddle pads each use, and just looks incredibly good and well put together. I don’t have the budget or emotional effort to put into that much coordination, but sure appreciate that someone else does.

  3. I’m with you on admiring people who have the time & energy to be color coordinated! I aim for clean. I’ve never understood people who can ride in shorts. No matter how many ways I’ve tried it’s always too painful.

  4. Yeah, I AM that person they referred to, you know the “t-shirt freebie” one? No joke, I recycle all my clothing. Once it becomes too shabby for “normal life” it becomes barn wear until it falls apart. I actually still ride in shirts that are 15 years old. Oh and shabby does not necessarily equal billowing in the breeze! My clothes fit, thanks! lol

  5. I used to be on the COTH forum where I said that walking around horses in flipflops or soft shoes was just asking to be stepped on, and boy, you would have thought I was the devil incarnate, the flames I got! They burned me hard and I’ve never been back.

    But I still insist, horses are big animals who can’t see their feet. Wear good boots around horses. Leather ones. It will save you from a broken foot. And wear pants! I don’t care if it’s jeans or breeches, you have to protect your skin from open sores, road rash, etc. A barn environment is just loaded with nasty bacteria and if you’ve survived an infection of Clostridium or Staph aureus, Psuedomonas or worst of all, MRSA..and still have your limbs, you’re lucky.

    1. I agree completely. It’s crazy to be around horses without adequate foot protection. A few years ago I was feeding the horses wearing muck shoes, rather than boots. Something spooked Freedom and he jumped on top of me, sheering the back of my heel with his hoof. Here’s the post: https://equineink.com/2017/07/13/flip-flops-horses-dont-mix/.

      I was lucky and although he nailed me and I lost a few layers of skin, it could have been much worse. Soaking in epsom salts and daily application of bacetracin with zinc worked wonders but it hurt for a long time.

  6. OUCH. That hurts just reading about it. I’m glad you weren’t hurt worse. I remember one time a pony stepped square atop my foot. You’d think that, being small, ponies can’t hurt you as badly? Wrong……..all that weight in a tiny hoof all in one small spot on my foot hurt like HELL.

    1. It hurt like the dickens and I couldn’t wear shoes with backs on them for quite a bit. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at it for a couple of days! Luckily the owner of the place I keep the horses is a doctor so I had her look at it. I’ve had a few bruises on my feet in the shape of horse shoes. Very painful!

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