Pictures from the 2011 Chincoteague pony swim

Chincoteague Pony SwimEver since I read Misty of Chincoteague I’ve wanted to visit the barrier islands and watch the pony swim. Or at least watch the ponies out in the “wild”. Of course, the swim only takes a few minutes (it’s only 200 yards) and the ponies are not exactly wild any more, but in my imagination it still seems very exotic. And I still want one of those ponies.

Since a reported 40,000 people gathered this year to watch the 130-odd horses swim the channel, I suspect I might enjoy the event more by looking at the pics.

As in the Marguerite Henry novel, foals are still auctioned off to benefit the Chincoteague volunteer fire department.

chincoteague pony

Chincoteague Pony

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  1. I wanted to go, especially when I first moved to Virginia. Then I actually went…what a zoo that was! Never again:P Visiting the ponies on the island in the off-season was much more pleasant, especially for horse people who actually see and appreciate herd behavior. Also, they are very adept at getting past the fences, so its not uncommon to have an up-close and personal if you are driving around the park, like this little guy and his dam, who were checking out the tourists when I was there:

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