A short cut to “hunter hair”

No knot hair net
It takes a pretty special hair net to be worth writing about!

One of the most popular posts on my blog is “How to Achieve Ultimate Hunter Hair“. It provides, among other advice, a 10-step illustrated guide to how to achieve the perfect hair-over-the-ears-under-the-helmet look.

It is a look that has always escaped me. I will admit it: I do not wear a hairnet every time I ride (too lunch lady-ish) and I have never been able to achieve the seemingly effortless look of elegance and precision that some riders are able to carry off.

However, this fall I realized I had to do something different with my hair. Hair nets and neat hair are a requirement for hunting — the reasons are practical, rather than esthetic. The very last thing you would want to happen is to have any loose hair catch on a branch as you are galloping through the woods. I know people who have lost big chunks of hair that way and it’s very, very painful.

At first I tried braiding it. That worked okay but did create a fit issue — my normally comfy helmet ended up with some pressure points.

Then I read about this new type of hairnet that allows you to put your hair up without any pony tails, pressure points, hair spray or pins. Now, I’m not one to spend $7.95 on a hairnet lightly, but it’s a heck of a lot less expensive than a new Charles Owen helmet.

The No Knot Hair Net slips over your head like a headband, but your hair is contained in the “windsock” looking piece at the end. You flip the whole thing up and put your helmet on. It’s comfortable and doesn’t change helmet fit the way putting a ponytail under your helmet can do.

I’ve worn the new No Knot Hair Net about four times now and it is holding up extremely well. It might be pricey but at least it’s durable.

Here’s a video that shows how to put it on.

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