Freedom gets air conditioning (aka a clip job)

75 degrees in march
By the end of our ride, Freedom was hot and lathered.

The past two days it’s been in the mid to high 70s here. That’s amazing for the middle of March and too darn hot for a horse that still has his winter coat.

Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful day and took a two hour ride. I met my husband at one of our favorite local walks and while he walked, I rode.

galloping field
A few times around this field and Freedom was hot but not at all tired.

Freedom wanted to move along and I did have a couple of nice gallops in one of the big fields. But between the heat, the humidity and his high spirits, Freedom was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. I gave him a good bath when we got home but even this morning he still looked hot and sticky.

High Trace clip
Freedom looked much cooler after his clip job.

So today, I took matters into my own hands and brought out the clippers. I’ll probably take the rest of his coat off later this week, but with only 40 minutes to spare, I did the next best thing — a high trace clip. He looked so much more comfortable! And think of all the birds’ nests that will be lined with soft chestnut hair.

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