Pony and foal rescued from incoming tide

It just goes to show that a horse can get hung up and in trouble even when there seems to be nothing around to be caught in. Here, a pony mare on the Loughhor Estuary marshland in Gower, South Wales got her back hoof caught in her mane(!) and was unable to stand. With the tide coming in, the two would have died if she had not received help.

Luckily, a bystander spotted them and called the situation in to the RSPCA. RSPCA Inspectors Nigel Duguid and Neill Manley were able to restrain the mare and cut her free. Although she looks stiff and sore, she seems to be okay.

The foal is just the cutest thing ever!



2 thoughts on “Pony and foal rescued from incoming tide

  1. Holy cow. Thank goodness a kind soul spotted her and understood the situation. The foal is just adorable. Seems to me to be an excellent reason to roach a mane…on the other hand, I have seen some manes get tangled in that way after just a few days untended…

  2. You can tell as soon as the mare got up, the little foal is saying, “finally!!! I’m hungry! Give me some milk!”

    I guess this is a good reason to make sure your horses’ mane is neat and tidy.

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