Serendipitous Spurs

Stubben Soft Touch Spurs
I love finding the exact thing I’m looking for in the clearance section at SmartPak. These were the only pair of spurs there!

As I mentioned in an early post, Winning my Spurs, I haven’t worn the darn things in years. For my test drive I borrowed a pair that I found in the tack room. Once I determined that spurs would help, I started to lust after a better pair. A pair like the ones Suzanne has (Confessions of an AA Event Rider and Convicted Over Thinker). A pair of Stubben Soft Touch Spurs.

How can you go so quickly from not knowing you needed something to knowing you absolutely must have it.

Why these spurs? I wanted a spur that was an encouragement, not a punishment. These feature a roller end that glides rather than pokes. It’s a substantial spur, which works well on my own oversized foot, and the black rubber coating looks sleek and stays secure on your boot without slipping.

So it was serendipitous that I stopped by the SmartPak store and found the exact spurs that I wanted (and spur straps) in the Clearance section. It must be an omen that these spurs are needed!

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