Zelda kicks up her heels

When my daughter first saw Zelda she pronounced her to be “huge” and “enormous.” Zelda is, well, supersized. She’s got to be close to 17 hands and her feet are the size of dinner plates.

She’s very nicely proportioned, though, and just because she’s a big horse doesn’t mean she’s slow.

In the videos below she’s stretching her legs and showing off some of those bucks. I think she’s trying to impress Curly and Fortune. However, as you’ll see in the last video, Fortune is pretty determined to keep them separate.


2 thoughts on “Zelda kicks up her heels

  1. LOL, yes, I’d say that Fortune is less than appreciative of Zelda’s efforts to impress! Funny how she is trying to get Curly’s attention, though–definitely running around with one eye on the peanut gallery!

    1. We turned her out with Willow for a bit and Willow ran around like a crazy horse. Zelda was extremely mellow about the whole thing. I think we’ll try her out with Curly next.

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