Two (or is it three) Sapphire foals born!

Now here’s a tale of a modern breeding operation that makes your head spin.

Sapphire filly
The Sapphire-Heartbreaker filly was born 13 minutes before her “brother.”

There is a lot of Sapphire DNA at Blue Chip Farms in Walkill, NY. Two foals carried via surrogate for Sapphire, McLain Ward’s fabulous show jumper, were born on June 22nd. A filly, sired by Heartbreaker, was born first followed 13 minutes later by a colt, sired by Presley Boy.

Sapphire colt
Here’s the Sapphire – Presley Boy colt.

Blue Chip is also the home of Sapphire’s two clones — Kara and Kidjaz. Kidjaz had a colt last week (also via surrogate) sired by Capone I.

It raises the question as to whether all three foals are Sapphire foals, or just two?

The three foals will be raised together. They are just lucky they don’t have to explain to anyone how they are related.

Kara and Kijaz are 3-year old Sapphire clones.
Kara and Kidjaz are 3-year old Sapphire clones.



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