This is what tired looks like

Freedom after the hunt
Freedom looks how I felt after the hunt. Bushed. Of course, after five minutes he was looking for the next cast. I wish I had his energy and enthusiasm!

We had a glorious hunt today – almost two and a half hours on a beautiful fall day. The hounds were fabulous and the foliage was lovely. A good time was had by all!

Freedom continues to be supercharged, he runs on pure adrenalin once he hears the hounds and today we had got an extra boost from a close encounter with . . . cows! We don’t have cows near us so when he spotted the herd, after the second check, he was on high alert. We had to pass pretty close to them and that was challenging. We had a lot of vertical movement before he figured out that he could gallop by them and still keep up with the field.

I have been leading a hilltopper field the past few hunts and Freedom let me know in no uncertain terms how he felt about it today — he wants to gallop. In some of the large fields, when I was holding him back he started to leap into the air, almost as if there were jumps in front of us. I think that next time, I’m going to have to move him up to the first field so he can really stretch his legs.

Although we are past the peak of the fall foliage, there were still some impressive displays of color and we were blessed by having sunshine and warmth. Maybe a bit too much warmth! I haven’t clipped Freedom yet because he hasn’t grown much of a coat, but seeing how lathered he got today, I will certainly do so before we hunt again.

Fall foliage at its finest
When we were into our third or fourth cast, the hounds took a short swim to cool off. They picked one of the prettiest spots to do so!
Hunting in Framingham
This hunt takes us through Callahan State Park in Framingham. Most people don’t realize how truly lovely it is there.
A job well done
The huntsman gathers the hounds at the end of the hunt.
Ready to go
And, just in case you think Freedom had a hard day, here he is five minutes after the first photo was taken — already looking to see if the hounds are going out again.


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