Just ignore the noise in the background

It was too beautiful out to sit inside so I moved my "office" to my saddle.
It was too beautiful out to sit inside so I moved my “office” to my saddle.

Some days it’s a struggle to find time to ride. Work and car pools can take over. I’m lucky enough to work at home and lucky to have so much control over my schedule. But even so, these fleeting last warm days of fall are slipping through my fingers.

So that’s why I ended up having my last conference call of the day riding through the woods and watching the last golden rays of sunshine light up the foliage and reflect off the mirrored surface of the pond. Tell me you haven’t done it too — had a few important phone calls from the back of your horse while the person you are talking to imagines you sitting at your desk, dressed in work-appropriate attire.

Rarely do I admit to my surroundings. After all, it’s just not fair to be surrounded by so much beauty while someone else is stuck inside.

You do have to be careful, though. My phone rang today just as I had turned down a long driveway, heading out to the fields. The distinctive clip clop of Freedom’s hooves rang out on the pavement and and realized I was about to be caught out. Quickly, I guided him to the soft shoulder of the road and then back onto trails with a soft layer of pine needles that were ideal for muffling the sound of his shoes and we continued in our parallel universes.

The colors of fall were captured in the stillness of the pond.

2 thoughts on “Just ignore the noise in the background

  1. Lovely description — beautiful pics! I’ve been riding every day for the past week, with the same feeling. Get the rides in now! No putting off any more! For fall is warm and welcoming now — and we all know, that won’t last.

  2. This post made me laugh – I have been known to take a call with a horse in hand, pushing at the phone for treats, while placing my daughter in a play pen by the arena and praying the client on the other end doesn’t hear any of it. Ah, well, as you said…. it’s worth it. Hope your next ride is as good!

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