Happy Halloween!

Spider costume
This costume wins my award for the scariest costume you could ask your horse to wear! Can you imagine six legs to chase your horse?

I love the creativity of these horse owners. And even more than that, I love how brave their horses are. I can’t imagine how much tranquilizer I would need to give Freedom to convince him that his costume wasn’t going to chase him down and eat him! Especially the spider. That costume just blows my mind.

There were a ton of costume photos floating around on this Internet this year but these are the ones that really impressed me.

Horse dressed as sheep
This one wins my award for “shear” cuteness.
Horse as cow
This horse looks so resigned to his fate! Did his owner call him a cow one too many times?


rocking horse costume
Costumes like this one would really test the patience of most horses — who wouldn’t feel trapped with this around your legs?


Horse wearing wings
I can guarantee that Freedom would take flight if I put this on him. And wings would not be required.


Dorothy and cowardly lion costume
Cowardly lion? Count my horse in on that one.


Love the coordinating costumes!
Love the coordinating costumes!



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