The White Horse

Here’s another vintage postcard from about 1910 that was a “real life” studio portrait of a woman and a horse. These posed portraits were common in that era — the women dressed romantically and the horses were props. This one I made into a collage because I could imagine her walking through a forest and coming across this lovely horse. I wanted to give it her a lusher, more colorful environment.
Original card.
Here’s the original version of the card. It’s hand tinted but the colors are quite faded.

This is another hand-tinted photo but when it came to me it was quite faded. After all, it is more than 100 years old. When I start with a vintage postcard, the first thing I do is make a high resolution scan of the card. Then if it’s faded, I try to restore it to it’s original appearance.

From there? It’s more of a game. I might try adding a few layers of texture and color to see if I can enhance the image or give it another meaning. Sometimes, as with the postcard of the sleigh, it’s perfect just the way it is. Other times, I like the new image better — it becomes more of a digital painting. Photoshop Elements is a very fun program!

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