The drought of winter

Water Caddy
The Water Caddy fits neatly in the back of a pick up truck. We park the truck up hill from the tank and the water flows right down to the tank.

When it’s below freezing we have a problem at our barn: the pump freezes. That means no water. It’s amazing how quickly two horses can drink down a 70-gallon tank and how unbelievably heavy water is when you are schlepping it in 6-gallon containers from your house. Since water is essential for healthy horses, this has meant a lot of carrying over the years. I have a really hard time getting up the enthusiasm to carry more than two containers to the barn at a time and 12 gallons just doesn’t cut it.

This year we have had some wickedly cold weather and the pump has been off duty more than it’s on.

Looking at a prolonged period of schlepping, I was really excited when my husband came to the rescue this year with

Filling the water tank
This is a much easier way to get water into the tank. Especially when it’s so cold.

a water tank that fits in the back of his pick up truck. The Water Caddy holds 63 gallons of water! We fill it at home and then a long hose and gravity brings the water right to the tank. No more schlepping!

It takes about half an hour to fill it and then 15 minutes to empty it.

While we bought it for winter use, there are times during hunt season when I’d like to have a good amount of water with me.

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  1. Good job. I’ve been running a hose out the tack/feedroom window to the trough for the same reason. Luckily, trough ain’t far from window. There’re 7 Critters slurping from this 100 gallon tank, and with the way they’ve been downing the hay, I fill the trough every morning. That’s fine by me, I’m glad they have hay and water:=>

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