Deep Snow = Tired Horses

Deep Snow
The snow is pretty deep right now. It’s quite a work out for the horses. Sure glad I’m not the one walking in it!

We just keep getting snow! The nor’easter on Thursday dumped about 8 more inches on what was probably an 8″ base. Now tonight we’re supposed to get another 5-8″.

I like riding in the snow, but this is getting ridiculous. Plus, the snow is now dense and heavy, thanks to the rain we got after the nor’easter.

The wind created patterns across the field of snow.

The wind created beautiful patterns on the snow.

Of course, anything is better than ice so I’ve been riding as much as possible while I can.

Zelda snow
Zelda was less than enthusiastic about working in the deep snow.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny — got Zelda out for more than an hour and she was good and tired when we got back. Several times she tried to convince me that we’d already gone too far.

Today the snow was heavier and denser. I took Freedom out today as he was bursting with energy. He wanted to go, go, go and wasn’t going to let the snow stop him. Riding in snow that deep and heavy made him super animated. I’ve never had a horse

Freedom was very animated in the deep snow.
Freedom was very animated in the deep snow.

that would passage on command, but I imagine that’s what it feels like. Lots of suspension.

I didn’t let him do too much as I still worry about overtaxing his check ligament, but he acted as though he felt just fine.

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