Your Horse Has Ulcers.

I agree 100% with this post. We need to feed horses the way they were meant to be fed. Freedom is a worrier. No doubt he came off the track with ulcers. He lives out 24/7, gets free choice grass hay, very low starch concentrate, and soaked alfalfa/timothy cubes (the alfalfa is a good buffering agent for stomach acids). This approach has gone miles toward keeping him comfortable.

In fact all our horses get unlimited turn out and pretty much as much hay as they will eat. I am very lucky to be in a place where 24/7 turnout is possible. While there certainly are horses that like the comfort of their stall, most seem content braving the elements and having enough space to chill.

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WMshadowpartner I don’t usually say it that bluntly but I wanted to get your attention. I need to make a payment on a debt. Usually I start with the term sour stomach . No one likes to hear ulcers because it opens the flood gates of guilt, blame and angst. Not to mention the check book. But that’s about us, can we talk horse? May I explain my thinking?

First: Horses were never designed to live at our convenience. They have a prickly digestive system that runs best on grazing 24/7 in nice green pastures. Frankly, they weren’t designed to be ridden either. Big bodies on small feet, and the task of balancing a rider on their back is a big physical challenge to them, one we humans love to underestimate.

Horses have another huge weakness. They are all very sensitive. We like to think some horses are more sensitive than…

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