Exploring new territories

Second Check
We checked in a lovely field that’s part of a new territory in Berlin.

This has been the best fall that I can remember. It’s November 1st and there is still an abundance of color and a warmth in the air that makes you forget that Winter is lurking. Saturday’s hunt was (again) the perfect fall day. The air was crisp with the smell of apples and damp leaves, the sun was warm and we were out in some gorgeous new hunting territories. I took so many photos that I thought my phone would run out of memory!

Zelda running
Zelda ran for 20 minutes before she deigned to be caught. I was running out of time to get to the hunt but at least she got her bucks out.

I’m glad I made the hunt. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. The problem was Zelda. I fed the horses around 8, planning to leave the barn at 8:45. But Zelda had a different

Through the grasses
The landscape we rode through was very varied although also quite dramatic

plan. One that did not involve getting caught. Her pasture is big enough that she can make a mad run to the end of the field then stand and catch her breath while I trudge down to “her” end. Then, just as I arrive she squeals “nah, nah, can’t catch me” and takes off back to the beginning. Not even food could tempt her to get close enough to catch.

Finally, I got her on the trailer at 9 and zipped out of there hoping that no one would notice quite how unkempt she looked (no time to groom and she was already dripping wet). I arrived at 9:40 just in time to tack up. Luckily we parked in the huntsman’s indoor so no one could see the dust on her.

I’ve only ridden in Berlin a few times but I’d especially wanted to ride this territory again because I love the wide open spaces. This territory is a mix of fields and woods with a lovely area along an aqueduct and through amazing tall grasses. There was a lot of opportunity to watch the hounds work and they were glorious.

Fall Foliage
There was still a lot of color. I can’t remember when the fall foliage has lasted this long.


Selfie along the aqueduct.

Beautiful Green Fields

Calling the hounds
Our Huntsman calls the hounds in at the first check
One of the whips disappearing into the tall grasses
The sun made a spotlight on our huntsman
The whole hunt
This was the last check of the hunt and the perfect photo op!

7 thoughts on “Exploring new territories

  1. You did it again! Wonderful pics!
    Aah…and the grass. Just look at that grass. It’s so green, and long! !
    Tonight, our first rain of the season pulled in. Since,what, March (?)….

  2. Oh, Zelda! You need to be more civilized and go galloping TOWARD your owner. And a hello whinny would be nice.

    Gorgeous pics. I think I’ve just added another item to my bucket list: New England in fall.

    1. oh yes, if you’ve never been here in the fall you should visit! I will take you out riding so you can see the foliage properly.

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