Test your ‘Horse Sense’

How much do you know about horses? Test your knowledge (and maybe learn a thing or two) by taking a series of quizzes at Shadowood Horse Quizzes.

These entertaining multiple choice quizzes raise points that all of us should be able to answer. For example,

What is an adult horse’s normal temperature?

  • 98.4-100ºF (36.9-37.8ºC)
  • 99-100.5ºF (37.2-38.1ºC)
  • 99.8-101.3ºF (37.7-38.5ºC)

What is an adult gelding’s normal resting pulse?

  • 33-40 beats per minute
  • 38-45 beats per minute
  • 43-50 beats per minute

What is an adult horse’s normal resting respiration rate?

  • 8-16 breaths per minute
  • 12-20 breaths per minute
  • 16-24 breaths per minute

How often should a horse’s hooves be trimmed?

  • Every 6-8 weeks all year
  • Only when the horse is being worked regularly
  • Never – hooves wear down naturally

A mature horse’s stomach has a capacity of approximately …

  • 1 to 2 gallons
  • 2 to 4 gallons
  • 4 to 6 gallons

What is the ideal foot and pastern angle of the horse’s hind foot?

  • 45-50 degrees
  • 50-55 degrees
  • 55-60 degrees

Some of the Quiz topics include:

Don’t worry, though — all tests are “open book”!

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