PSA for Foxhunters: How to Tie a Stock Tie

Ovation stock tie featured at
Ovation stock tie featured at

The fall hunt season in New England starts this Saturday. As I dust off my equipment and make sure I have what I need, my thoughts turn to my stock tie.

Yes, while we’re still cubbing a choker is an acceptable alternative, but I’ve yet to make my tie look as professionally tied as it should. When I still evented, I cheated for many years by wearing a pre-tied stock tie (not allowed in the hunt field!) but there are times when I certainly feel all thumbs (usually when I’m running late and need to get my tie on and my horse tacked up).

I found this video on YouTube. Now, I just need this woman to meet me at my trailer and tie my tie!

3 thoughts on “PSA for Foxhunters: How to Tie a Stock Tie

  1. well i tried !! But i still can not do it !! mine MUST be different. must keep trying. good video though.

  2. excellent. I think I can do this…Daughters First competition at Special Olympics…have 2 weeks to practice this !!!

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