Quick & Easy Instructions for Making a Rope Halter

Here’s something everyone should know how to make. While I generally use a leather halter or a safety halter, there are times when you need a spare.

These rope halters can be turned into safety halters by adding one loop of leather (or other breakable material) at point #2 and attaching the crownpiece to that. Thanks to “Sithly” on the Chronicle of the Horse Forums for writing about these instructions and to Connie Nygard for publishing the instructions and specifying they can be given away, but not sold!

Note: it is not safe to turn out a horse in a rope halter that does not have a breakaway feature, or to tie a horse in one, but these are great for leading.

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  1. I was unable to display the page with directions for making a rope halter..can you possibly email it to me?? MANY THANKS !

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