If You Buy Equestrian Products, I Need Your Help with a New Product Review Website!


For years I’ve thought how helpful it would be to have a review site for equestrian products that allowed you to see how equine products were rated by multiple users. Sure, I like reading reviews by experts or an individual, but since everyone’s mileage may vary, I wanted a site where it was easy to see many people’s perspectives.

These sites exist for other products. I’m a devoted user of makeupalley as a way to research perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products. I’m also a devoted user of epicurious.com, which offers a great selections of recipes. What truly impressed me is that some of these products or recipes have been reviewed by more than 100 people!

After thinking about the process for several years, I finally decided to build the site myself. This proved to be more complicated than I originally expected, but finally, the “Beta” or test version of my site is ready to roll. Equine Products Review has just gone live. It still needs work, but mostly right now it needs equestrians to try the site, tell me what works and what doesn’t work, and it needs reviews!

To make it easy to leave comments, there is a built in “Feedback” button in yellow on the site. This will send your comments directly to me. Don’t hold back the criticism; at this point I know how it should work because I’ve spent so much time working with my team of developers. Now I need to know whether it works for you and what I could do to make it a more valuable tool.

Thanks for your help!

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