Making an emergency halter . . . from a lead rope

lead rope halter
This post included two videos showing different techniques to fashion a temporary halter from a piece of rope.

If you have every been caught without a halter — it broke, you found a loose horse, you need to catch a horse in a field — you know how frustrating and potentially dangerous it can be. While I always carry a spare halter in my trailer, there have been times when it would have been good to have two.  I’ve loaned out my spare only to have someone elses horse break one and once I trailered someone elses horse and it broke two halters (and part of my trailer).

The good news is that with a lead rope, or even just a long piece of plain rope, you can make a temporary halter that will give you the control you need to get through the emergency. Please note that the halters shown here are not suitable for tying a horse. Learn how to make a halter from a lead rope.


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