One perfect day in the snow

snow tracks
There were almost no tracks in the snow before we rode. The tracks in between Freedom and Willow are from our canter out — while Willow trotted and left strait tracks, Freedom cantered and his looked all wiggly.

One perfect day. That’s all I got. Between the weather (bitter cold) and my pneumonia (tired) riding has been nigh on impossible.

Sunday, though, was perfection. It was about 30 degrees (so 33 degrees warmer than Saturday morning), sunny and there was no wind. It was so lovely out I had to ride twice. Probably a good thing because both horses really needed to get out and stretch their legs.

The snow was ideal for riding. We had about six or seven inches in the open fields and it wasn’t too dense. it was perfect for cantering — deep enough to make the horses work but not enough to make them really tired. Okay, I

snow trcks
Looking across the field there was a lovely expanse of snow to play in.

lied. Not enough to make Freedom tired. When we went out in the morning with our friends Carol and Willow, Willow would get all excited and then peter out. Freedom never noticed she wasn’t right behind him. After an hour and a half he was still snorting like a dragon and begging for one more turn around the field. The nice thing about snow is you can let them run a bit and know that the snow will help calm them down.

Zelda tired more easily. She’s not as fit as Freedom and not as competitive. I took her out alone and she complained for awhile that it was too much work, that she’d had enough, and that it was a terrible idea. She can be very whiny (which for her means balking

Snow roll
Freedom had a good roll in the snow when we got back. After so many super cold days it was nice to leave them out in the sun without their blankets.

and threatening to buck). After she remembered who was driving, she perked up and we had a nice ride. She certainly continues to test me almost every time I ride. She wants to be completely sure that I am serious.

Sadly, the snow didn’t last. It rained last night and left us with slippery soggy footing.

But at least I got to enjoy it while it lasted.

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  1. You lucky dog! We got snow here in Orange, VA, along with freezing rain and mud so thick it sticks to your boots. Haven’t had a good snow-ride yet, but at least hunting season’s over so the trails are open again!

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