Horses Adored, Men Endured

Is Susan Friedland-Smith the Bridget Jones of the equestrian world? Certainly, her new memoir, Horses Adored and Men Endured captures the same humor (albeit with a decidedly more Christian slant) in her description of bad dates on the search for Mr. Right. If you’ve read Susan’s blog, Saddle Seeks Horse, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her […]

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French & Saunders go Riding

On a dreary, cold November day, this video was exactly the good laugh that I needed. These two are the perfect example of how horses can make you happy even when things don’t exactly go according to plan. After all, it’s the journey, not the destination that counts. My apologies — the video is not […]

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Stocking up for Winter

stocking up for winter

Yesterday, as I walked down the barn aisle toward the feed room, I heard a “clunk”. I turned around to see the tail of a chipmunk disappearing into a hole, and an acorn rolling on the floor. Poor thing. I must’ve scared him. Usually they are pretty bold. A couple of times when I’ve been […]

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What’s Your New Horse Name?

Your new horse name

Because we all could use a little humor . . . here’s a formula for coming up with the name of your next horse. Mine is WishIwasa Snazzy Diva. What’s yours?

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Which Horse are You?

Which horse are you?

Just for fun — which horse are you? Me? I’m a draft-x. A bit of Shire, a bit of Arabian.

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And Now for Something to Make You Laugh

It’s been a brutal holiday season here in New England. For the past few days, the temperatures have hovered between -3 degrees Fahrenheit and 15 degrees. Feeding the horses has become a balancing act between enough layers to keep warm and enough tactile sensation in my fingers to scoop grain and fasten buckles. Most of […]

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I need a gym buddy

I know that I need to get to the gym more often. I need a gym buddy to encourage me.  

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